Game Over: Failure of the Video Game Feature Film
Game Over: Failure of the Video Game Feature Film
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Game Over Status Thread (#12)

#12 - Welcome back. Yes, I’ve had to take some weeks off this project due to unplanned circumstances. However I can confirm I’m now working on the next title in the series and should have this up in the next week or so, and then be back to the usual routine after that. Thanks for your patience.

#13 - Further delays. Talking to several people and with an additional comment coming through on the same lines, adjusting the style to be less of an explanation of the film in full. People saying they’re too long, just need commentary and basics on the plot beats (akin to what I did with the first week’s coverage on House of the Dead). Will re-edit current weeks work over the coming days and then post later on. Sorry folks.


Earlier - Delays on this weeks article for those awaiting it, covering extra shifts at work due to staff illness and a staff members departure. Should be about the next day or so, but will probably also delay upcoming articles by a few days each as well. Stay tuned.

#16 - Due to illness this weeks article will be delayed slightly. I’m about halfway finished so I hope to have it up soon.

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